Copper bathtub

A Copper Bathtub can give an entirely new feeling of luxury in your bath room. Popular for their aesthetic beauty, a copper tub exudes a distinctive style that is sure to complement almost any type of décor.

The thickness of copper can have a dramatic effect on how well the tub wears over time. In copper, the thicker the gauge the lower the number, make sure to do your research. Thin, light gauge copper will dent easily. For this reason it’s better to invest in a copper basin that is at least 97.5% copper and in a range of 18 to 14 gauge thickness. Although a thicker gauge will be a bit more expensive, in most cases will be well worth the extra cost.

Copper bathtubs are very durable because of their ability to regenerate its protective patina. It has a natural quality known as a “living finish”. This is a unique characteristic that distinguishes copper from other metals.  They get even better looking over time as the finish ages and takes on a richer, deeper color!

A Copper Bathtub is also easy to maintain because of its stain resistant properties. Studies have shown that copper has 95% fewer germs than other surfaces. This is due to copper’s natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. All of these combined makes it a great choice for a bathroom.

The glow of a freestanding copper bathtub can change the look of your space. Choose one to complete the look you’re after.

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Showing all 3 results