Single Hole Faucets

Single Hole Faucet

The perfect single hole faucets can extend beyond just a fixture, to become an expression of your unique taste.

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing your next kitchen faucet. Think about your everyday experiences, also see how the right combination of features. This includes hole options, handles, spout height, and sprayers can help you create a space that works you. Single hole faucets have become an increasingly more common option. They deliver a simple and clean look to any space. A single hole faucet easily complements your countertop and kitchen sink. With the advantage of requiring only one hole in your countertop as a result. The combination of the spout, body, and handle all in one, will instantly update your kitchen.
If you’re replacing an existing faucet with a single hole option and have extra holes in your countertop.  You can always consider adding a matching soap dispenser, point of use faucet to cover unneeded sink holes. If buying a new faucet is your plan, then shopping for kitchen accessories from the same collection will get you a better match.

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