Prep Sinks

Prep Sinks and Bar Sinks

Prep sinks allowing a practical and efficient use of kitchen space.

The trend towards adding the prep sinks is quickly growing in new constructions and remodels. A prep sink is a luxury that so many homeowners can’t live without. Prep sinks provide the convenience of having a separate prep station with cleanup so that the main kitchen sink doesn’t get overcrowded. As well as allowing two cooks in the same without them bumping into each other. Perfect for a bigger family that likes to cook together.
Prep sinks also makes an immediate entertainment spot. Just fill the sink with ice and place all your favorite beverages, all while still having the normal functionality of your kitchen sink.
From traditional to contemporary, prep sinks also work well a bar sink. When installed in areas like a terrace or as part of a home bar, a bar sink will allow you to spend more time entertaining. Because, you can keep your drinks on ice and water nearby and be able to be on hand for guests. Whether you choose to use it as a kitchen prep sink or a bar sink, an extra one in just the right spot might make your life a little better.

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