Utility Sinks | Laundry Tub

Stainless Steel Utility Sinks

The Laundry Tub are more attractive than they used to be, and just makes your life that little bit easier

The Also referred to as utility sink, wash basins or Laundry tub, these sinks are perfect for heavy-duty chores. Laundry tubs vary in design and material (stainless steel or vitreous china), but usually have a wider, deeper basin than the average kitchen sink.
These laundry sinks are prefect to be installed in garages or mudrooms. These help keep the house clean by having an additional cleaning station in a messier room of the home. There is a benefit to having a mess area where dirt stays away from the rest of your house.
As a laundry tub, having one close at hand while you’re doing your wash can help streamline the whole process. Pre-soak or pretreating clothing becomes so much easier. Soapy and linty hands are a step away from clean.
Make your daily chores a little less exhausting by adding a utility sink, one you love to look at, into a space in your home that needs it the most.

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