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The Showerhaus line is newly added to 2buyandsave

Enhance your bathroom with the Showerhaus line

The Showerhaus line is perfect, If you are considering a renovation or update to your bathroom. It’s important to have a plan in place before starting. Sleek, spa-like showers are trending in bath remodels. People are opting to remove the tub altogether and replacing it with larger shower areas that bring a more spacious feel to the design. If this is an option for you make sure you measure, plan and research. Your dream shower can become a reality and you can actually have fun while shopping for shower fixtures in different finishes to make that happen.

Your mission is crucial at this point. How will you use the shower? How much space do you have to work with?

A large walk-in shower may call for a larger rainfall showerhead. Think about the installation as well. This type of showerhead may need to project out from the wall, in which case a shower arm is required. If you have the extra room, add a spa-like feel by including a body spray into your design.

For aesthetics as well as a relaxing shower experience. The Showerhaus line of watering can showerheads may be just what you are looking for.

Looking to update to a more modern, contemporary décor? Consider a square rainfall showerhead that will add a decorative look and feel while showering. Make sure to pair this with a shower arm for support and reach (WHSA430).

Not everyone has the room to include large fixtures. If you have a classic shower stall and still like the feel of a rainfall, a compact rainfall showerhead is a small upgrade that packs a decorative punch. Just because you may have a small space, don’t give up on a big design.

For those of you that don’t have a big budget for a complete renovation, basic upgrades and replacements is just part of our everyday lives. This time around consider quality. For a classic round showerhead look for a solid brass one that’s easy to clean. Showerhaus components and hoses are available in many finishes and are also solid brass that won’t crack like plastic.

Make sure to take your time looking for Shower fixtures. Research all the options while looking for specials to complete both the small and large design projects in your bathroom.